Friday, October 06, 2006

How iPod Saved My Workouts

So recently, iPod and Nike got together and created the iPod+Nike package, which consists of a nifty little pod that connects to a nifty little reciever in the bottom of your iPod. Surprisingly, this package is very cheap and it turns your iPod into a small GPS tracker/pedometer thingee, allowing it to track the time, distance and pace of your runs. If that weren't enough, it talks to you (occasionally you will get lance armstrong congratulating you for a personal best but generally it is a generic male or female voice, guess they could only afford to get Lance to say one line) during your workout telling you how far/fast/whatever you are going. It makes running a lot easier and more rewarding. It does have the drawback of only working with the nano (which is a poorly disguised plan by Apple to sell more iPods - for shame), and of have its own shoe and clothing line, which is Nikes way of making a profit (we expect such from Nike). But you don't need the Nike clothes and the pod fits just fine under your shoe laces and does not have to fit into your shoe, thereby you can crew Nike out of the profits for the shoes and clothes and still get a great workout, its fantastic.

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