Sunday, January 14, 2007

Forgive me bloggers for I have sinned

It has been about 2 months since my last cyber-confession.

Or at least that long, I am not sure (obviously I could look but thta would kind of defeat the effect of the statement). Turns out blogging is a time-consuming activity and I just needed some downtime to get adjusted to New York after my initial ohmygoshiaminnewyorkwhatshouldidofirstsomanyjewishgirlssomuchculture havetoworkoutoutsidewheneveritisniceneedto spendtwohoursadaycommutingintothecityeverytnightto seeeveryonethatIeverknewinnewyork euphoria had passed.

So I did that and I feel better now ... and for those fe of you who happen to stumble on this page by accident and are for some reason interested, I will try to write at least once a week from now on ...

The other problem with blogging, aside from the time, at least with a blog like mine that talks about my experiences, is that you have to have interesting experiences on a regular basis because no one wants to read about how I changed my walk to work on Thursday to walk past the mailbox rather than through student housing, nu?

Also, unlike many of my fellow bloggers, I am not witty or angst-ridden enough to entertain without having interesting stories to tell ... should I switch the order of those seems like far more bloggers are driven by a sense of anger or outrage than by humor. Seriously, does the blogosphere (real word?) owe more to anyone than George W. Bush. I mean his horrific governance, inane babbling and ridiculously right wing polarizing antics have done more to provoke discussion, attacks, defense and controversy than any other person in the world. Compared to Bush, Paris Hilton, the Tsunami, Teri Schiavo, American Idol, The Donald vs. Rosie and any other real or ridiculous pop culture issue simply fades out.

Maybe Bush thought he was losing some of his water cooler clout as he recently purt himself back on the front page of every newspaper in the world by committing the US to a "new" Iraq strategy, we are going to send in more troops to take control of numerous sections of the country we have spent the last 3 years pacifying. Fantastic ... I am sure that this time the soldiers who have been fighting to protect a people who just wants them gone and who just learned that the limits on the length of tours have been eliminated (, will be happy to fight harder to make this happen.

Sorry, I am working on the angst.

So, as I was saying, I need stories to tell and due to a combination of dating fatigue, financial crises and the incredible busy-ness of the city around the holidays, not to much happened for a few months.

I did get a lot of work done and visited California over New Years for an excellent New Years bash in SF and some good weather and great friends ... and I learned a few new things which I will share with you, not in any particular order ...

1 - The wind in the Bronx is omnidirectional, blowing in whatever direction you are running. I was actually going to write about the weather here but the fact that this is mildest winter in 130 years mades that post kind of obsolete.

2 - Blink-182 broke up which sucks. But the members formed two bands, Angels in Airwaves and +44. Angels in Airwaves, containing only one member of Blink-182, is far better, their album is fantastic, though +44 is pretty good.

3 - My aunts, uncles and cousins in New York pretty much rule. I love having family around.

4 - Attendings in my department have enough money to donate plasma TVs, digital cameras and iPods as give-away gifts at our department christmas party. How do they make so much and we make nothing ...

5 - Stepping, the black guys as coordinated cheerleaders looking thing that is central to the new movie you have all seen, Stomp the Yard, is in fact very real, a very big deal and very cool. Having grown up and gone to college in the whitest places in the US I did not know this.

5A - Black fraternity brotherhood is an extremely strong bond.

5B - Black womens hair is incredibly difficult to deal with and tremendous respect should be given to those who have to do so. Oh, and apparently Tyra Banks' hair is not real and thats why it always looks so good.

6 - Migraines can really kill your libido.

7 - There are in fact awesome people from Rhode Island. Or at least awesome people went to school there.

8 - People actually care about the previously mentioned feud between The Donald and Rosie O'Donnell. It staggers the mind.

9 - San Francisco rocks. As does New York. Also, these two cities have the distinction of having the highest median housing prices in the country for big cities (if you count LA as the one big nasty sprawl it is and don't divide it up into strange little sections).

10 - Sometimes a 55$ Zinfandel can taste like a 10$ Zinfandel. You should definitely go with your taste and not the price when buying wine.

11 - Sometimes people who seem to be too stupid to be anything but drunk are actually just that stupid.

12 - Everyone in New York is the busiest person alive.

13 - Times Square around Christmas and New Years is the worst place on earth. If hell ever froze over, that is what it would be like.

14 - Cheap mexican food is in fact better in California.

14A - But In n' Out, despite its hype, is not really to be missed that much.

15 - Beauracracy is like an immortalized, destructive weed. The longer it has been growing in one place the more of that place it corrupts and destroys.

Its good to be back.

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