Sunday, February 18, 2007

Snow is great

So I have been getting into work later recently as I keep getting up in the mornings and having to spend about 45 minutes to walk to work, as opposed to the normal 10 minutes it actually takes, because keep feeling compelled to play in the snow. It is so nice and makes everything beautiful and clean looking. I love seeing my footprints in the fresh snow, and I have even made a couple of snow angels in the middle of pelham parkway.

I was walking home from the subway last weekend, pretty late, about 0130 in the morning, and the snow had blanketed everything and it was relatively quiet (as the roads were very icy and dangerous and thus no one was driving ... or at least very few people were driving and those that were were most likely driving badly ... but that is another post) and the trees were bare and the path I was walking on was covered in a thick sheet of ice and it was starkly beautiful, like the moonlit night from an 18th century english poem, all pictureaque and gorgeous.

I know winter causes some problems, I will tell you about my first experience digging my car out of the snow in short order, but despite the car digging, running preventing, dangerous to drive disgusting slushiness that the snow results it, I think its great.

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