Wednesday, March 28, 2007

To Boston on the post road

We did not take the post road to Boston, in fact I don't even know where the post road is but the title sounded nice at the time I was writing this. What we did do was hustle up to Boston last Friday afternoon, following a hellish week where I ran out 8 ELISAs (thats enzyme linked immunoabsobent assays for those of you now familiar with my new paramour) in 5 days, no mean feat I might add.

The ride up was nice and easy, riding in Avivas unamed prius (whom I would like to christen Randy Watson ... she likes sexual chocolate better), we stopped for fake McDonalds ice cream and arrived Boston around 6 in the evening. Then we spent an hour and a half driving about 10 miles to try to find Ben and Gabs new place, would have been easy if any of the streets we were interested in following had street signs. Serious, huge thoroughfare, cables cars, multiple lanes of traffic, people, everything ... except street signs. We got there just before Shabbat started, thankfully.

Gab and Bens new place is awesome, the bottom of a huge, beautiful house with tons of space and a great deck out back. Their son Harrison, who I had not met before, is even more awesome. One of the cutest kids I have ever seen, and already a bigger mensch than me ... always wears a kippah like his Abba, loves Dino has passover and his favorite toy is a stuffed torah. And so helpful, loves to sweep and clean up. Dinner was excellent kosher chinese with a side of crying Harrison, and then we hung out for a while until Aviva and I took off to spend the night at my friend Teds.

Teds place is awesome. A fantastic apartment in southie, with a new apple TV system ( ... so cool, nice kitchen, and just a great overall feel. Ted graduated and went into industry, where they pay you like they care that you just busted your ass in school for 5 extra years, and it shows. Even his towels were much nicer than mine.

Sleep was sparse, but only for me and only due to a mystery noise that only I could hear. The next day Aviva, Ted and myself drove over to Aviva's brother Joshes place for brunch with Josh and Debbie, passing the ubiquitous giant Citgo sign that can apparently be seen from anywhere in Boston. Then all of us except Josh (who is a 4th year grad student and had to work ... I know the pain well) went for a walk that encompassed wine tasting and buying, Trader Joes and a trip to TJ Maxx to buy me new and improved jeans ... as you are probably all aware from any picture I have ever posted of me in jeans, I have horrific fashion sense, and it has been the general consensus of all my fashion conscious friends (meaing all my female friends and some guys) that Aviva need to save everyone from my fashion by getting me new jeans (and new socks).

So wa-lah (sp?). Now I have the nice, dark, straight legged uncomfortable jeans that everyone wears out in NYC.

After the walk we got ridiculously sized head freezing ice cream with toppings so dense they could have been entire deserts in themselves ... my cookie dough topping, which turned out to be a bit much on my cookie dough ice cream, would have made at least 2 dozen cookies. Following the ice cream we dropped Debbie off and Ted, Aviva and myself went over to her friend Amys house for a fabulous vegan dinner with a bunch of her friends from RISD. Dinner was accompanied by the UCLA-Florida game. Florida won, making my night, and we all kept drinking and talking about sex and some other stuff too, but mostly about sex ... hey, I am happy to sit around and listen to 8 cute 25 year olds ramble on about sex. Eventually the group could not figure what to do and split up, with most people taking off and Aviva and I staying and going to Castle Bar with Amy and her boyfriend.

The next day we headed up to Cambridge for lunch with Nadav, his girlfriend and Ilana, at a place called Johnny Ds. Fabulous food ... I would have had my eggs with sausage but I ordered last everyone got vegan food so I figure I would just stick with the vegetarian option. I know, a former vegan intimidated by other, current vegans. Nuts. Finished brunch and said out goodbyes, drove back out past Ben and Gabs so we could say goodbye and drag Harrison around in a box ... that kid is too cute.

A long ride home, some traffic, shopping and a seafood risotto ... no rice, seafood linguine rounded out a fabulous weekend ...

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