Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Since my baby left me ...

don't worry, now, she is just gone for the summer. Aviva is off in the wilds of western NC, at Camp Wellspring, counseling overweight kids about proper eating and exercise habits to maintain a healthy weight. And she is worked her cute butt off, churning out the hours and hiking through the blue ridge mountains. Except for the fact that she is far away from me I think what shes doing is awesome ... I mean how lucky am I that I found such an incredible girl and above and beyond all the other great stuff (I mean her favorite movie is Coming to America, she loves buffalo wings and beer gardens, likes to argue) she likes the outdoors that much. I am jealous, a whole summer in the Blue Ridge Mountains .. I mean have you seen how gorgeous they are. And even though I really miss her, its not so bad I still get to hear from her, as Wellspring is not the typical summer camp in terms of deprivation, she has wireless Internet in her cabin and carries her cell phone, so we get to talk a lot.

And I am still here, working my tail off, missing her dearly and wishing her a great summer. New York in the summer is a lot of fun, when you are not working, which hasn't been that often yet. After my big presentation tomorrow I am heading back to ber garden in Astoria, should be fabulous. And the weekend is looking up ... Still, I miss my girl and am counting the days until we road trip up to Maine at the end of the summer.

Love you babe.

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