Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The iPhone

Now I never really blog about technology or gadgets or anything but my own experiences, both bizarre and ordinary, but the iPhone has become so larger that life that I feel the need to mention it. I mean, it already, within 3 weeks, has inspired hundreds of blogs and on-line communities like this one. Now that is good marketing.

The iPhone does look pretty bad ass, and I have to say that I was hugely disappointed to hear that it would only be out on Cingular until 2009 ... I have Verizon and as a Mac addict I just felt that I needed one of these little things. Apparently a lot of other people felt the same way that I did, because they sold more than a million in the first week. My buddy Matt got one just before we went hiking in Olympic National Park, and I swear we almost lost him for the trip. He was up late the night before we left, long after the rest of us went to bed, just playing with the iPhone.

Despite the initial rush for the newest techie gadget that everyone must have, a number of voices of reason sprouted up from the wilderness. Many of these said what my buddy Dan was saying, its too expensive and too cool and too new, wait for a while so prices can come down, the bugs will appear and be fixed and it will be a reasonable buy. Turns out these voices were right, apparently the network iPhone uses for Internet is not really up to the task, and here's a story from Matt, who was so besotted with his iPhone a two weeks ago, that might make you think twice about buying one.

So now I am happy I cannot get an iPhone for another 2 years because by the time I am able to get one, and I am still definitely planning on it, people like Matt will have uncovered all the problems and Dan and I will be able to get nice, cheap, fantastic phones.

Its always tougher to be in the vanguard Matt, thanks for the effort.

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