Sunday, January 20, 2008


Last Friday night Aviva and I met her parents, Bucky and Tanya, and our friends Koffman and Aviva (I know, there really aren't that many Avivas around, but we are all Jews so the frequency increases a bit ...) for dinner. As is becoming custom, when we meet my Aviva's parents in the city, they pick the restaurant, and so far they have had impeccable taste. The choice for this evening was bluechili, a thai restaurant and sushi bar on 55th and Broadway, in the western area of mid-town.

I was running late, as usual, and even though I got on the BxM10 at 6:08, at 7:10 I was still sitting on the bus as it stopped at 71st and 5th. In desperation, not thinking clearly due to hunger and a desire to not be as typically late as I am, I got out and started running. I actually ran all the way to the restaurant, arrive just minutes before Koffman's Aviva and 30 minutes after Koffman and my Aviva and her parents arrived. So much for the on time thing ...

They had already ordered an excellent sake and a variety of appetizers, ranging from satay beef on a hot pot to specialty sushi and fried tofu. All of it was excellent, and the sushi was particularly good, although I cannot remember what exactly was in it. Conversation started up quickly and the company was great. Soon we were all switching seats to talk to each other. For me, it was a rare evening where I did not have to be "on" even though I was out. Truly enjoyable.

And the food was fabulous. I had tangerine duck that was delicious, but simply incredible when a piece of the duck was eaten with slices of the accompanying eggplant and tangerine. The Aviva's had lamb and sea bass respectively, both of which were great, Koffman had an excellent piece of salmon and Bucky had a very good noodle dish. But the clear winner was Tanya's red snapper. The meat had been remove and piled onto the fish so that the flesh was easy to eat but displayed beautifully on top of the fish. The meat had been grilled and the lightly pan fried with a tangy sweet sauce with a hint of citrus tartness. It was amazing.

The deserts maintained the restaurants quality, all being delicious and most having some kind of fried or baked banana along with some kind of ice cream or chocolate. A wonderful restaurant all around, making for a truly excellent evening. If you want great thai, but also something a little modern or fusiony, this is the place.

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