Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Obama is the right call

When this campaign season started, I was very much for Hillary, just wanting to all the other candidates to get out of the race so our girl could go on and get the Democratic revival started in the white house. But slowly, as the campaign season wore on, I have tired of Hillary's crap and really started to become interested in getting Obama into the White House. His presence and speaking ability (his speech on race was incredible) and his policies (non-nuclear proliferation, ethics, helping to create a searchable database for government contracts and a host of other things he has pushed for in the Illinois State Senate and in Washington) all argue that his election, even if he can only accomplish a 10th of what he is proposing to do, could trigger one of the most significant shifts in government policy and political ideology in many, many years. Yup, I am solidly for Obama, and you should be too ... but if all that stuff is not enough, check out his proposals for increasing transparency in government. Incredible and long overdue.

Obama '08.

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