Wednesday, May 07, 2008


I generally try to write about new restaurants I go to soon after I eat there, so the images and flavors are still fresh in my mind. However, things have been quite busy, so I have not been as up to speed as I would like and I have not been able to write about a fantastic new restaurant I went to last month until just now. The restaurant I am talking about is Gobo, a modern vegetarian restaurant on the Upper East Side, at 80th and 3rd ... they also have a place in the West Village on Sixth, but I haven't gotten to check that one out yet.

So about a month ago, Jane and Glenn Fisher (parents of my buddy Dave, who features prominently in our trip to California last winter, and good friends in their own right) were visiting New York while Glenn was attending a convention on behalf of his company, Second Life. As a side note, this job is probably the coolest, and certainly the most interesting job that any of my parents friends have. Second Life is the company behind the identically named virtual world that exists only in cyberspace and is limited only by the imaginations of its users. This world is quickly becoming a world-wide internet phenomenon, and I absolutely love hearing Glenn talk about it because it completely bends your mind thinking about the prospects and successes, and possible directions that this type of technology may take our society. Its right out of heavy science fiction, and it is happening today. If you have never heard of Second Life, check it out, it will really blow your mind.

Back to the restaurant ... we got there a little before Jane and Glenn, and ordered drinks. The place was really nice, with a preponderance wood all around the interior, and a series of diaphanous bead-like curtains separating the entry from the dining area. The center of the room was full of small wooden tables, and the walls were lined with tables and benches, underneath massive flat logs adorning each wall. The place was a little loud but that was probably due to the packed dining area. As with all New York eateries except the most expensive, the tables were small and the dining area was packed.

I had a sake and Aviva had a berry flavored sakitini that was delicious. Our drinks came about the time Jane and Glenn did, and after some small talk we settled in to investigate the fabulous menu. Dinner was wonderful, we got so many different small things that I cannot pick out the best, but among other things we had wonderful eggplant stuffed with herb tofu cheese, and a fantastic butternut squash risotto. Also, the yam and taro fries were tremendous. The deserts were not up to par with the main meal, but still they were excellent. But beyond the food, the company was wonderful. Jane and Glenn are like a second family, and it was fantastic to see them. After dinner, not ready to end our conversations, we walked from Gobo over to 5th, and then along the park down to the apple store, where we spent some time perusing the latest apple offerings before heading home on the subways. As usual, a great evening in the city ..

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