Monday, July 28, 2008

Sushi and Hounds

So we don't get to see Aviva's cousin Stacy that much, so we made plans to meet up with Stacy for dinner last Thursday. Stacy lives in Astoria now, but she went to NYU and knows the around there really well, so we met up at a little sushi place called Sharaku, at East 9th and Stuyvesant. Place was great, very low key with good, cheap sushi and the option to get sushi on big boats. Loved it ... well, except for the abalone rolls. They were not so great ... Still the place was great, and the company was much better, its always great to see Stacy.

After dinner we hung out and talked for a while, then set off on a mission to find dessert. After 4 different ice cream parlors (if you can call cold stone an ice cream parlor, particularly since it has merged with the Soup Nazi restaurants and is now some kind of strange ice cream/soup/sandwich shop hybrid), a cream puff store and two bakeries later, I had eaten half of the last black and white cookie and a Mr. Softie vanilla cone with sprinkles, stacy had a rugalach and Aviva was carrying around a tall box containing a small but elaborate pear cake. Although most of the places we stopped at were not worth mentioning, but the last place, where Aviva got the

Baby Cakes at Black Hound
Originally uploaded by cakespy
cake, is definitely worth talking about.

That bakery, the Black Hound, is fantastic. The deserts are more like art work, and the place is full of "free" samples, which you can codsider free only if you don't think about the fact that they are so good that you can't help but buy more. They have beautiful deserts, cakes that imitate bees and checkerboards, mini-cakes, sesame pieces, and basically every kind of desert you can think of. This picture of the deserts is taken by someone who had more foresight than me and had a camera (cakespy) .... so after we left the Hound, we sat on a small bench in front of some random hardware store and ate the cake, then Stacy got on with her fabulous life and went to a party in the East Village, while Aviva and walked up to Union Square and headed home ...

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