Thursday, September 11, 2008

More Politics

I have to say, I am surprised at myself for putting up so much political stuff here, I had never intended for that to happen ... however, I find myself so shocked and disappointed at the media coverage of the campaigns and so disgusted at the bullshit that is being so flagrantly tossed around, especially by the "honorable" and "truthful" republican candidate John McCain, I feel the need to do something. Perhaps I am just being sucked into the pageantry, perhaps I am just nervous because polls show McCain in the lead (hopefully temporarily) ... but perhaps this is a truly serious problem.

I honestly have no idea how many people read this, probably very few, but maybe someone will see my comments and pass them on and then I will be helping make a difference in what I feel is the most important choice facing america in my lifetime. Hopefully you agree, and if you do, maybe this will be of interest to you.

Its not that McCain is blatantly lying about things, sure he is doing that and so is Palin and their lies are particularly transparent ... but politicians lie and hedge and shade the truth. Obama does it, Hillary did it, its something that we unfortunately expect and have become inured to. The problem here is that because of McCains lies, we really have no idea what he is going to do, and because they are such blatant falsehoods and not the standard political hedging, I believe we cannot trust the man at all ... so all we have to go on are the policies of his party (we all know how those have turned out) and his actual choices ... picking Sarah Palin, voting against veterans aid, backing down on his own immigration bill, confusing global affairs (czechoslovakia, Iran training Al-Qaeda, the Iraq-Paikistaini border) ... we cannot afford this man as our president.

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