Thursday, October 16, 2008

The last debate and the next 3 weeks

So Obama won. The polls and pundits, from both sides of the aisle, are saying it. Its not surprising, given Obamas current level of support, and I didn't even think Obama was that good last night ... the best guy on the stage was Bob Schieffer, who actually asked follow up questions and attempted to keep the campaign on topic (in defense of Ifill, Brokaw and Lehrer, the other moderators, all of them were bound by rules particular to each debate).

In terms of style, confidence and simple physical control of ones body (I mean does McCain have some kind of anxiety disorder with the ticks and winks and such), Obama killed. Still, while it is nerve-wracking to be on stage in front of tens of millions of people, it is a lot more nerve-wracking to be deciding the fate of a country of more than 300 million. So while it is nice that Obama is calm and cool and I prefer his temperment to McCains, I am not convinced it is that important (still, looking at this unfortunate picture, which I got from Kevin Drum, you easily identify the presidential looking guy) ...

For me, most importantly, I thought that Obama was, as he has been, much more articulate and nuanced in terms of his grasp of policy, than McCain has ever been. His understanding of his own policies, and those of his opponent, and how they will affect the people who will be subject to them, for me that is his selling point. He is, for a politician (I know he stretches the truth, I just think he does it less than McCain), extremely well-versed in a large amount of policy, and I am not sure about you, but I really want that in my president.

Still, I thought it might be considered a tie, and I feel like the pundits wanted to give it McCain on points, but the darn snap polls gave it to Obama by a huge margin. It is being widely stated that this is because of the massive Democrat vs. Republican advantage in party ID, but even in undecided and conservative surveys and focus groups, Obama did much better.

Overall, this whole campaign has gone rapidly downhill for McCain, and it seems right now like it is over, that McCain is a walking mockery of himself and that we are all just waiting for the inevitable.


No matter what, this is not over until it is over (Bradley effect anyone) so don't forget to keep up the support and most importantly, to VOTE on November 4th.

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