Monday, December 08, 2008

Health Care

How much more do we all need to see before it becomes obvious to everyone that in todays world, with the medicine and technology we have at our disposal, health care should be a basic, human right? As the current economic crisis is revealing, linking health care to employment not only allows businesses a unmoral amount of control over their employees, but also results in actions that should rightly be considered insane.

From today's New York Times,

"The crisis is on display here. Starla D. Darling, 27, was pregnant when she learned that her insurance coverage was about to end. She rushed to the hospital, took a medication to induce labor and then had an emergency Caesarean section, in the hope that her Blue Cross and Blue Shield plan would pay for the delivery.

Wendy R. Carter, 41, who recently lost her job and her health benefits, is struggling to pay $12,942 in bills for a partial hysterectomy at a local hospital. Her daughter, Betsy A. Carter, 19, has pain in her lower right jaw, where a wisdom tooth is growing in. But she has not seen a dentist because she has no health insurance.

Ms. Darling and Wendy Carter are among 275 people who worked at an Archway cookie factory here in north central Ohio. The company provided excellent health benefits. But the plant shut down abruptly this fall, leaving workers without coverage, like millions of people battered by the worst economic crisis since the Depression."

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