Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Artistic Folks

So before she was a psychologist Aviva went to the Rhode Island School of Design, ostensibly the best art school in the country. In addition to constantly hearing about the crazy parties and bizarre projects that she used to be involved with, Avivas' former school also leads us to hang out with a tremendous number of extremely talented artists .. who, like all artists these days, have their own websites so we can all see their excellent work. Her friend Abby, for instance, does all kinds of incredible design work, check out her incredible stuff and her friend Amy, who is working as a teacher in the Bronx, takes photographs and sells beautiful earrings in her spare time, and both are kind of amazing. If you end up at our upcoming wedding, you will get to meet both of them, something I highly recommend as they are certainly characters.

I have to say it is a bit humbling to always be around so much creativity and energy, I mean these people are always doing all kinds of incredible projects (at least it often seems that way to me) just on whims and somehow their whimsical stuff always looks really cool. My whimsical stuff looks like drek ... makes you appreciate the unique talents around you and the many, many ways to look at all the different things in life.

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How perfect that you do a post about artists the same time I restart my blog with an artist-themed article.
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