Saturday, January 31, 2009

Rachel Maddow rocks

So Rachel Maddow has a new show on MSNBC on after Countdown, and while it is unabashedly liberal, it is not the over-the-top, blowhard liberal of Keith Olbermann. It is much more nuanced and includes some good policy discussion, but most importantly it includes important but generally unknown stories that no one else discusses. In this clip, Ms. Maddow discusses the life of Martin Delaney, one of these unsung american stories that everyone really should know. Mr. Delaney has been particularly important in the HIV activism and is someone who should be widely hailed but is actually someone who is hardly known. So huge props to Maddow for bringing this story and others like it to light, it is worth watching, starting at about 1:50 into this clip ...

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