Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Burrito Box

My quest for meaningful Mexican food in New York continues ... now that I have a partner in this quest, Russell, who agrees with me that the burritos in New York are sadly lacking, I will venture to the farthest corners of the city to fulfill my burrito hunger. Last night did not take me so far, but it does take a while to get from the Bronx do to 58th and 9th, so I am putting in the effort.

The burrito box, which I found on the burritophile (a must see site for all burrito lovers) looking for good burrito places in New York (a rarity) is a pretty small place, which, like many whole-in-the-wallish restaurants, is all about the food. In this case, this is a good thing, as the food is pretty good. Moving here from San Diego a few years ago, I have been somewhat embittered by the deplorable burritos found around New York, where the tortillas are flaky and flavorless and the beans/rice are just ... off somehow. Maybe that wonderful water thats good for the pizza and bagels just kills burritos.

This place was a welcome change, with a nice selection of standard offerings and interesting alternatives, and the burritos were a good size and well made and wrapped, so they were not falling apart after eating a quarter of the burrito. I very much enjoyed by BBQ seitan burrito and a bite of Russell's chicken burrito. Unlike most places in New York, the tortillas were tasty and soft, and the filling was excellent with the being seitan was well cooked and flavorful, and not too chewy. Importantly, all the filling was well distributed, so I did not get all the sour cream at the start and all the beans at the end.

We sat at one of the 3 or 4 tables/counters , and while we were there munching the chips and then our burritos, we had an interesting coversation with our fellow burrito eater sharing the counter. Russell later confided in me that he was sure this guy was a serial killer and was going to off us, but I think he just seemed a bit bitter and out of sorts. It was an odd conversation, as the guy only talked to Russell, and when I spoke to him or disagreed with him, he stopped speaking for a minute, only to jump in later about something entirely unrelated. And only talking with Russell. I mean Russell is a lot cuter than I am, but still ...

After a very satisfying meal, we left, stopped by a wine store in columbus circle to ogle scotch and have some free wine, and then walked up through the park to 86th, where I caught the bus back home. Overall it was an excellent night and one of the best burrito experiences I have had in the city, and even though it is a schlep for me to get there from the Bronx, I would definitely go back.

PS - You can check out my review of the burrito box at burritophile here.

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