Thursday, September 24, 2009

Neal is Immortal?

So, I believe I have several times referred to my friend Neal, who is widely known among his friends for regularly doing things that are so far off the beaten path of normal life as to be in a separate reality. Things like climbing 3,000-foot rock faces while sleeping on tiny ledges and carrying tubes of poop, or free soloing the Grand Teton in 13 hours while other people need 4 days ... and ropes.

Despite his apparent belief to the contrary, I have often told Neal that he is not indestructible, and have previously discussed with you the fact that Neal is not infallible, proving it by relating the story of how Neal was almost killed by a running in a light rain.

However, it now turns out that Neal might in fact be immortal ... I knew Neal in 1998, and remember what he looked like and now I see that he is on the cover of the American Track and Field Magazine, fall 2009 looking exactly the same as 11 years ago (the skinny white dude ... okay they are all skinny and white ... the guy on the left in the UCSD jersey). Eternal youth? Maybe, or maybe he has simply greatly slowed the aging process ... whatever it is, I intend to find out ...

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