Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Since the 2008 election (which really began in 2007), I have been a rapid consumer of politics, reading many blogs and listening to many podcasts. I will talk your ear off about politics if you let me, even more than I would on many other topics. But lately I have kind of become sick of the whole thing. I am still fairly liberal, still supportive of the president and democrats in general, but just sick of the whole system. It does not seem to work and no matter what I read or which angle it is being reported from, all of it generally smacks of incompetence, will-full ignorance or implicit corruption.

Is our system really the best democracy has to offer? How depressing. I feel like the political process has gotten so out of control that the people running the country are really just kids in a sandbox, calling each other names in regards to whose sand castle plan is worse. We constantly hear about bi-partisanship, as if this is a magic bullet which will solve all our problems. That's bullshit. The positions from both sides of the partisan divide are severely lacking, and neither would really solve our problems. Yes, by counteracting each others desires the parties might balance and get something in the middle, but much of the compromise which is often discussed is simply hollow policy.

How about some non-partisanship? Some doing what needs to be done regardless of the political outcome? I know this is unrealistic, as politicians like their jobs, but I would like to think that the American electorate is mature and intelligent enough to reward people who actually work to do right by them ... I know this is a fever dream, but right now it's one of the only things I can find to hold on to.

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