Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Finally, the Moth ... or not

So last night, Aviva and I finally found the time to go into Manhattan to watch the Moth live at the Bitter End down on Bleecker street. At least, we thought we found the time ... when we arrived there was a huge line around the corner and halfway down the block. When I first saw it I said, "Don't worry, that can't be for the Moth, it has to be for something else." But lo, when the front of the Bitter End came into view, it was clear the line stopped there. (For those of you who are unaware of the Moth, it is AWESOME. It is an organization that puts on storytelling nights where different people get up on stage and tell short (15-20 minute) stories live without notes in front of a crowd. Aviva and I listen to their regular podcasts, which tell one story each week, and while the stories are generally very funny, but can me quite moving and sad, depending on the subject matter and the skill of the story teller.)

So anyway, last night we did not get to see the Moth because of the insane line, so instead we wandered west up 3rd avenue, and on the advice of our friend Koffman, stopped in for a drink at a bar called Amity Hall, at 80 West 3rd. What a fantastic bar!!! It was a wonderful surprise, warm and quiet, with a comfortable atmosphere and a dark, but somehow well-lit ambience. I think it is kind of a modern take on an Irish/Scottish beer hall, and the had a wonderful selection of beers and wines, along with some nice Scotches and other whiskies. Aviva had a nice pinot while I got a Scotch Ale from Michigan, we got some Asiago fries and basically had a date. After our drinks we wandered up to Grand Central and did a crossword puzzle on the train home.

It was a fantastic evening .. not that I don't realize it everyday, but sometimes I don't consciously remember how amazing and beautiful my wife is. And nights like this, being out on a "date" with her and seeing me across the table, helps me remember how incredible she is and how lucky we are.

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