Saturday, February 27, 2010

SNOW DAY!!!!!!

When I got up on Friday morning, the snow was coming down heavy, Thursday night it had been hard to get the car up the hill to park near our place and Friday it was fully buried and the roads were not plowed enough to drive it anyway, even if I could have gotten it out. So I took Metro North to work, which was fine except that the trains were running 45 minutes late because of downed trees on the tracks and icy conditions. There were so many people on the train that no one collected tickets. The entire way down to the Bronx, the world was a blanket of white.

Then, inexplicably, when I got to the Bronx, Pelham Parkway was completely plowed, like it had snow weeks ago ... not like the snow was still falling. I got to work and stayed until about 1:30, when I caught a ride home because it looked like Metro North would be having more problems later ... and when I got home it turned out that none of our neighbors had actually been able to get to work in the city, so we had a SNOW DAY!!!!

My first Snow Day ever, by the way.

Soon after I got home, we met out in the "quad" at our complex, dropped some beer in the snow to cool down and commenced to have a giant snowball fight. I think I took the worst hit, a solid one to left eye, but Aviva took a giant snowball in the head for that one. After the snowball fight was a game of snow football, followed by the construction of the largest snowman ever (and my first snow man, as well), as a joint effort with several of our neighbors. When we finally finished that, we built snow stairs up to our balcony, so our down the hill neighbors could get home quickly, and then drank and ate chinese with our upstairs neighbors while slowly sinking into a pit of exhaustion as we all realized how much energy it takes to play in the snow ....

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