Thursday, July 01, 2010

Almost there

So the kitchen is making really good progress and should be 98% done by the end of the week. Two days ago the pendant lamps, fan (which operates by remote and has a dimmer ... yeah, I am excited about our fan, home ownership does these things to you) and microwave. Yesterday we got the countertops, activated the microwave and installed the sink and the stove. Aviva also assembled my scotch cabinet, which is basically superfantasticawesome.

Today, we took another series of steps in getting the sink active, installing the undercounter freezer, moving the old fridge into place (the new fridge was not in stock at Sears despite the fact that they told us it would be, so we are not getting it until July 8th), adding cabinet handles and drawer pulls and installing the backsplash. No pictures today but the next set, coming up soon, will be the final ones ...

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