Sunday, December 19, 2010

Artsy Chicks and Gingerbread

So as many of you know, my wife, despite the fact that she is a psychologist, got her undergraduate degree at RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) in illustration. This means she went to school with a bunch of immensely creative people .... and due their creativity, they come up with wondrous, inspired and often bizarre things to do, things that do not strike these folks as unusual, but that totally baffle the rest of us ... or at least me. I often think to myself, how in the hell did they come up with that idea. Friday night was another of these evenings ... Amy, Abby and Ilana (who will protest that she did not attend RISD and is not an artist, but is just as creative and kooky as the rest of them) arrived just a few minutes before me, but as I came in, our place was already a whirlwind of noise and activity as the girls broke into hugs, giggles and the frenetic activity that, at least in my mind, is always associated with these four getting together. Having said that, I love seeing all these girls together ... they make each other happier than almost anything else that I know of, and seeing Aviva smile that much is an incredible treat for me.

Aviva had prepared a load of tabouli and the girls brought over salad and a load of brussel sprouts, as well as wine, which was opened and drunk. Dinner was delicious and for dessert, we had a do-it-yourself ginger bread man, which quickly became an x-rated activity .... as I said, these ladies often come up with things to do that would not occur to me, so as the ginger bread man became a transgender individual by gaining breasts and a penis, I simplay sat back in wonder and took pictures. Clothes and other accoutrements were debated and tossed aside, the final product looked kind of like a tranny Annie stick-figure. The girls proceeded to perform a variety of interesting acts with it. After another 20 minutes of goofing around we ate the gingerbread man, who was surprisingly not very good, and spent some time playing a game where you stick the name of a person on your head without looking and guess who it is. Although I had not wanted to play, it was hilarious, especially when Amy started to wonder if she was a porn star (but was in fact Fiddler on the Roof) and Abby wondered about masturbation (she was Edward Scissorhands). After the game I was in a bit of giggly female overload, so I secluded myself and watched a bit of basketball while the girls hung out for another hour or two before heading home. Overall it was a really fun night, and I have to say that I feel incredible fortunate that my wife has brought such fabulous people into my life. Hope we can do it again soon :)

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