Sunday, June 19, 2011

Mermaid Parade 2011

So its not every day that ones wife and a number of her beautiful friends say to you, "We are going to get dressed up as mermaids and walk through the streets of Brooklyn in shell-covered bikinis and fluorescent wigs and we want you to come and take pictures of us." I said yes ... and while it was a little intimidating to papparazzi a group of gorgeous mermaids parading up the street and onto the beach, I was able to tough it out :)

All of the girls looked spectacular in their great mermaid costumes (which of course they made themselves) and apparently had an incredible time .. it was probably the best bachelorette party that I have seen ... having said that, I don't make it to a ton of bachelorette parties, but it still looked like a great blast.

But you can judge for yourselves, here are a bunch of the pictures from group #134 in the mermaid parade 2011 (my favorites are above the text).

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