Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A weekend of mitzvahs

Its not that I call all celebrations mitzvahs, but last weekend we went to a Bat Mitzvah, as well as along with two birthdays (our niece and Aviva's grandmother) .. so in this context, mitzvahs seem appropriate. The last week or so has not been all that exciting, been working a lot and so has Aviva, which is new as she just started her new job at the end of December, and that is exciting ... and of course, Aviva passed her EPPP test and can now be a licensed psychologist in the state of NY ... I am, as I said, super proud of her.

Anyway, it was a quite a celebratory weekend, plus we got together with Aviva's family again for the second time in two weeks, which was pretty nice. It was great to spend Saturday morning at Joey's birthday (thats her with Aviva at dinner in Papa Strangers hat) with Rachel and Larry and everyone else, and how Rachel scored by making the morning a breakfast burrito party ... Love Burritos.

Saturday night we had a really nice dinner the family had at Nunzios, a nice Italian place in Collingswood, for Charlottes 90th birthday. I never get tired of going out to eat with a gaggle of Jews and having proscuitto and shrimp :) Most importantly, Charlotte had a wonderful time ...

And the Bat Mitzvah on Sunday was wonderful, Aviva's family and extended friend "family" were all there and we have been together long enough that I know them all and it is just this really comfortable, pleasant feeling to get together and hang out with everyone. A little disturbed by some of the 13-year olds dressed in outfits fit for 25 year olds complete with 4" stiletto heels and ultra-clingy dresses, but I am told this is the way it is these days. And despite all their pretensions of being older, seeing all the kids limboing and crowding the ice cream bar reminds one that they are all still just 12 and 13.

And then home, getting back to Scott and Nikkis just in time to see Nikki downtrodden that her Steeler succumbed to the incredibly odd quirk of fate that is Tim Tebow's bizarrely successful season in Denver. Still, Nikki had just made incredible chili, so we got to eat that and live vicariously through Zeke for a little while before heading home.

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