Sunday, August 26, 2012

Life is good

Not too much to report here, life in general is wonderful.

It is summer, so it is by definition too hot and humid, and there has been a lot of work recently, not all of which has worked out - this is to be expected in science - but in general, life is grand.

Last week Ellen came down from NH to stay with us for fellowship interviews (everyone cross your fingers and hope she gets an offer in NYC), so we had Rachel, Scott, Hannah and Rachels parents over for a really nice dinner last Monday. It was a lot of fun, we made a great quinoa salad (truffle salt is the secret) and I got to meet Rachel & Scotts daughter Hannah for the first time. She is adorable ...

Here are Rachel, Ellen, Aviva and Hannah, and below is Hannah letting us know something in no uncertain terms ....

Then, on Tuesday Debbie, Samara and Tal spent the night on their way to NJ ... it is always great to see them and really nice to know that Debbie feels really comfortable stopping over here. Samara is adorable & tough, as always, and Tal is so cute he is almost edible.

The rest of the week was a blur, lots of work, but Saturday we did get to spend some time with Jen and Volkan and their new son Nathan, who is a fantastically adorable mohawked sleeping machine. Volkan and I skated on the South County Trailway while Jen and Aviva walked, and we stopped at Woodlands Lake for lunch ... Aviva made a savory bread pudding that was awesome, and Jen made a pistachio fruit salad which looked like gluck but was actually delicious.

And today Aviva is heading out to another baby shower, while I go to work to get some reading & writing done. On the way out we took some pictures because Aviva was looking so gorgeous - she does not see it, but she is practically glowing with being pregnant right now :) She is so lovely and wonderful, I am not sure how I got so lucky ...

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Anonymous said...

Hi PJ and Aviva, this picture looks so beautiful. I cross one´s fingers for you.
and PJ happy birthday to you! I wish you good helth and big, big family....with your baby!
I will send you some present, but no alkohol, because now export of Czech spirit is prohibit.
Love Hana