Monday, April 29, 2013

The 4th month

So I know I have not posted in a while, things have been busy here as we adjust to life with the nanny ... sorting out the schedule, figuring out the pumping and frozen milk issues, getting used to going to sleep very, very early ... these are all things that have taken priority over blogging.

However, as usual, Soren has been an absolute delight this month, with a lots of visitors and visits with his friends, as well as a lot of newly found QT with daddy in the mornings. He is starting to grab things, to roll onto his side (he still has not figured out how to roll over) and to really vocalize a lot more, although he is still quite soft-spoken for a baby. He got to ride in the stroller faceing forward for the first time ... saw a squirrel, went nuts. And he has gotten even cuter, if that is possible.

I will let Soren tell you about it himself ...

I rode facing forward in the stroller for the first time,

on a beautiful, spring day.

I practiced sitting up a lot, and

I went walking outside with daddy and mommy

and worked on my personal style ... still a work in progress.

I got to visit with Josephine

and with Jen,

and I got to hang out with my friends,

 and with my cousin Eli. 

 And of course I spent lots of time with mommy,

and with Daddy.

And I was thrilled the whole time!!!

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