Saturday, July 27, 2013

7 months

How he is seven months already I have no idea. The months do pass really quickly, and suddenly he is like a little person - he weighs 19 lbs, has some teeth, swims a little, sits up, is starting to have opinions about food, drinks from little cups ...

People tell you things move fast, but when I look back at earlier posts from this year it seems impossible to me that he was that small at any point.

Anyway, the seventh month was just as busy as the previous six, but Soren can tell you all about that ...

Daddy met with some colleagues at Penn, so I got to spend the weekend at Savta and Grandpas, so of course I got to spend lots of time with Grandpa and with Savta ...

 .... and I got to see Aunt Laurie, Jackie, Nadav and Laura for dinner. Aunt Laurie brought me this great shirt from Thailand!!

And we had brunch at Yair & Nitsas, and while Daddy was gone on Monday I got to visit with my cousin Eli. It was awesome.

I also got to see Uncle Eric and Aunt Rhonda,



and Rhonda taught me little bunny Foo Foo. 


 Uncle Zeke came downstairs to visit

and I got to spend lots of time with all my friends, because Mommy went to moms group a lot, 


and because I get to see Nathan every day!!!

And of course I spent lots of time with Mommy and Daddy!!!

They took me to see butterflies,

and I got to go on a swing,

and Daddy let me wear his hat, 

 and I ate lots of new things, 

although my clear favorites were frozen mangoes and the delicious organic cherries that Uncle Dave and Aunt Emily sent us!!!!

 And I grew more, which is not that exciting to me but you people seem to think it is very interesting, so I can tell you that now I can sit up all by myself,

and I discovered a new favorite toy. This pink rattle is the bees knees!!!!


 And pretty soon I am going to be able to crawl!!!!

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