Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Birth Class BBQ

So last weekend, Aviva and Soren and I met up with most of the people who attended our birthing class and had a BBQ at Adrienne's parents house in Somers. It was a ton of fun, particularly because it was a beautiful day and because they have a heated pool that the babies loved.

In our class, Jonah and Leila and Lyla we all born in November, and then Soren, Ella and Ian & Owen were born between December 27th and December 29th. I have to say, it is completely amazing to know this many wonderful people with kids the same age. Several of the mothers from this group get together on a regular basis during the week, and periodically (and hopefully more often) we all get together and hang out. It is completely awesome, and I can only say that I hope that it continues for years and years ...

But maybe Soren can describe it better ...

Thanks Daddy!! We had a great time at the BBQ with all of my friends!!!!

Everyone loved the pool, it was so warm and fun for all of us. Leila had the best time with her mom Beyza, 

and Jonah and his mom Dava also thought it was great. Jonah is too cool to really show how much fun he was having, but I know he had a blast.

 And I loved being in the pool with Daddy!!! Especially in Ian & Owens nifty pool float!!!

It was so great to see Ella,

and Ian, who is looking quite fashionable here ...

... and really everyone. The time when we all hung out on the blanket together was the best!!!!

I got to play with Jonahs keys,

... and everyone wanted Lylas thinga-ma-doo.

 And we all loved the beer ... although we did not get any ... THIS TIME!!!

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