Saturday, March 21, 2015

Got the Grant!!!!

Hard to believe, and it has certainly taken a long tie and a lot of hard work - and not just by me, but from my amazing wife, my mentors, many of my friends and colleagues - but today I received my score on my latest R01 submission and I got an impact score of 20 in the 3rd percentile !!!! 

This means it is very likely that I am going to receive an R01 this coming summer, which in turn means that it will be a lot easier for me to find a professorship and start my own research program !!!!

This is fantastic news, one of the biggest things that has ever happened to me in science and certainly the most exciting thing to happen since ... well, probably since Soren was born. Its awesome.

I of course have some kind of stomach bug today, and Aviva is sick as well, so we will not be celebrating yet ... but soon it will be party time :)

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