Friday, January 04, 2008

Life After Burritos

Its a challenge every day.

After living in San Diego for 10 years, its almost like withdrawal. El Zarape, Cotixan, Santana's, Mucho Gusto, Fins and even La Salsa and Rubios ... these are the names that haunt me daily.When I visited San Diego in October I ate 11 burritos in 5 days. Even the Taco Bells in California make burritos better than out here. The only representative of even fast food Mexican out here is Baja Fresh, and having traveled south of San Diego on numerous occasions, I can tell you my friends that in New York it is neither Baja nor fresh.

Chipotle is out here as well, and they do a reasonable job, but without a single restaurant north of 59th street, they can hardly meet my needs. Seriously, 19 Chipotles in New York and 18 are in Manhattan within a 5 sqaure mile area. Do we in the Bronx not also love burritos?

I have looked often and have been disappointed, but a ray of light has recently emerged to help me find my way through the burrito-less gloom. Burritophile, a fount of mexican goodness, will hopefully allow me to find some decent burritos out on the East Coast.

I will keep you posted.

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