Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Technical Difficulties

So my New Years resolution, or at least one of the ones I think I can realistically follow, is to keep up with my blog better. Over the last few months, with the help of my good friend Dan, I have been trying to set up a new Wordpress blog at, but have been confounded by technical difficulties and my own busy-ness and have not really been able to get it going properly, as my spotty blogging over the last few months can attest. So until further notice, I am back at, now titled Mumblepants in honor of an evening camping at Crater Lake that is exactly what traveling is supposed to be about (particular props to Amanda and Andrea).

So sorry for the disruptions and difficulties, we are back in gear now so please come and see us here again ... when the new site is finally up and running, I will let you all know. I will be adding the few posts I have made over the last few months into this blogsite retroactively, so feel free to scroll into the past and see what I have been doing as well as what I am doing these days ..

PS - Huge props to, their site is by far the easiest, most pleasant way to post that I have found online.

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