Friday, February 08, 2008


So last November, while Aviva and I were in Cherry Hill for Thanksgiving, I grabbed her dad toward the end of the weekend, shoved him in a closet and asked him for permission to marry his daughter. He laughed, hugged me and said of course. Which is definitely a wonderful thing to hear from your future father-in-law. I had dragged him into the closet to try to keep my question on the down low, because it has been kind of assumed for a while that I will propose to Aviva and I wanted to keep some element of surprise.

Two days later Aviva walked up to me and said, "Its so sweet that you asked my Dad for permission to marry me." So much for surprise :) Not that it was going to be all that much of a surprise, while we were in California we went to Gleim Jewelers (the owner, Georgie, is a close family friend ... plus they are incredible craftsmen) and got her a ring, designed to her specifications (hey, when you are marrying someone who can make their own jewelery, you let them make the ring).

However, from that point on, the when of the asking, that was going to be my surprise. I found out the ring was finished about a week ago, and arranged to have it sent to my lab on Wednesday. Waiting for the ring to show up in the mail was agonizing, but nowhere near as stressful as having the ring and waiting to ask. Longest two days of my life, for some reason I cannot even fully articulate ... I mean, I was pretty sure she would say yes and be happy no matter how I did it, but I still slept for maybe 3 or 4 hours on both Wednesday and Thursday night, mostly laying in bed going over plans for the proposal. I made a reservation at Aureole, a really nice restaurant on the Upper East Side, for Friday at 6 and I spoke to my boss on Thursday about the plan. She was wonderful about it, encouraging me to leave early on Friday to set up the proposal.

Aviva had a conference in the city all day, so was going to be dressed up in Manhattan, so I suggested to her that I get dressed up and meet her for dinner. I also told her that I would be leaving work early on Friday to spend some time in Central Park taking pictures. I left work just before 2 pm, freshened up, changed into a suit and took the 5 down to 59th street. I was lucky, it was a beautiful day outside and rather warm, for February, at around 45 degrees. I got to the park at 4 pm, and walked around the area near the pond to find the right spot to propose.

I chose a spot just off the path, across the footbridge over the north end of the pond. It was just south of the ice rink, far enough away that I would not be proposing with to the background music of Eagle Eye Cherry, and I waiting. Aviva called around 445, and I told her how to come and meet me in the park so that I could take some pictures of us. When she got there I had her stand over by the water and pretended to set the camera for a timed picture. Then I moved behind her, and while her back was turned I knelt down and asked her to be my wife.

She didn't cry, or shriek, just giggled and smiled. And said yes.

We were both thrilled. Excited. Ecstatic. Walking around with huge, megawatt smiles. Honestly, I cannot believe I get to spend the rest of my life with this amazing woman. And incredibly, she seems to feel the same way. We are so happy.

After we got ourselves together, I packed up my camera and we agreed not to call anyone until after we ate and spent some time together. The rest of the evening passed happily. We walked over to Aureole, and had a wonderful meal, probably the best scallops I ever had. The monk fish was also spectacular, and the deserts were really excellent. Truly a wonderful restaurant. After dinner we just sat, talking, for a while, then we headed over to Madison Avenue, caught the BxM10 and headed back to the Bronx. We used our time on the bus to begin calling everyone we know, with maybe the best news I have ever had :)

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