Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Weddinsanity, part 1 of many

It begins. We have only been engaged for about 3 weeks, but already weddingness is dominating our lives.

The first thing I learned is that things are done a bit differently here on the East Coast. First, engagement parties and presents are a reality here .. this is not something I have been familiar with in the past but is apparently a big thing here. Going over to my aunts for dinner the day after we got engaged, we learned that people are going to start buying us stuff almost immediately, so registering and finding a site for the ceremony are taking first priority (we are working on that this weekend so there will be an update ...)

The registering, you'd think it would be fun to pick lots of things that people might get you as presents, but it is not as enjoyable as you might think. First, there is the whole getting over the idea that people are actually going to buy you stuff ... then there is the walking around with the gun. You know, the little scanner gun that you always see crazy people using in big department stores.

Those guns, they don't really work well. At least not at Macys. And I got tell you, it is a slow and frustrating process when every second or third scan does not work and you have to keep using a tiny keyboard that does not actually input the things that you want it too (Having said that, the gun at Crate and Barrel was much better).

And finally, there is the endless discussion that neither of you really care about, as to which antique frosted cutlery goes well with the white dragonfly china vs. the newish looking mikasa china. Or whether the aegean hand towels go better with smoke or chamois towels.

And finally, after a long day of shopping without buying anything, receiving bizarre gifts like Victorinox shopping bags (quite useful) and crystal heart-shaped bowls (not so much). And then, suddenly, thanks to the miracle of the Weddingchannel.com, you have our registry ... which you will then spend hours pouring over in the next few weeks, adding and removing random things over and over again ...

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