Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Filling the void

Its no secret that the US is currently suffering from a leadership vacuum, and no joke to suggest that this particular vacuum has been expanding for years. Bush has never been the dynamic leader we all feel that we needed over the last few years, and now that Obama has been elected, many of us have a strong desire for Bush to simply move on.

I have seen articles suggesting that both Bush and Cheney resign so Pelosi can reject the presidency and Obama can be appointed, as well as other hairbrained schemes to give Obama control early. Wisely, I believe, Obama has been ignoring these sorts of calls and has been stressing the concept that we only have one president at a time. This idea extremely important to holding together the fabric of our democracy, and it is also important so that when Obama takes office he does so with all possible respect ... if he were to act as a president before he official took office, there would be all kinds of snide or negative commentary about him overstepping his authority, and it would cause a lot of partisan bickering.

So instead, Obama is wisely using the only influence he rightly has, media interest in all things 'Obama transition', to gently and carefully work to improve our economy. And over the last few days, with the leaks of the treasury secretary and the economic team, as well as ,a full court press on the Sunday talkshows, Obama seems to be doing just that. As usual, Rachel Maddow describes it better than I can here ...

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