Saturday, November 22, 2008

Man Time

So its been a bit more than a year since Aviva and I moved in together, and the whole time has been wonderful.


I can't say it hasn't been without problems of course. The process of going from being together to living together is a huge transition, because before you live together, all the time you spend together is time you have planned to spend together. When you both live in the same place, there is no retreating to your own home for space. This hasn't really been a problem for us, although we both require our own space from time-to-time, but due to my new living/life situation I am slowly discovering the importance of guy time. Its not that I can't watch a gory movie with Aviva, or drink stupid amounts of beer or make comments on other women ... I can do those things with her, but they are not as fun as when I do them with other guys.

So last weekend, when a friend of mine invited me to a "guys night", I was actually pretty excited. Now you have to understand that we guys who attended were a bit, ahem, tame, as revealed when the time of the evening was changed from 7pm to 330pm, so that we could all get home at a reasonable hour. The evening was actually great, we met at Blondies, an excellent sports bar on 79th between Amsterdam and Broadway. The evening went very much as planned, lots of beer (6 pitchers for the four of us), wings and other terrible food, watching a Warriors game (which actually turned out alright as the W's won, one of their few wins on the year ... they were playing the clippers after all), and ogling the blonde waitress. We came up with the theory that women are hotter when they are carrying beer and in rooms with lots of TVs, we discussed relationships and dating and set-ups and all sorts of other things that sound chauvanist when spoken of in mixed company. After about 6 hours, we all got up and left, and only on the hour long subway ride home did I really appreciate a) how drunk I actually was and b) how glad I actually was that we had moved the time to 330 ... still a fantastic evening and something I very much hope to repeat again soon ...

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