Friday, November 14, 2008

Turkish Much

Actually, I don't get to eat Turkish food much, and after dinner last night at Sultans, I would like to change that. I hadn't seen my friend Adam for quite some time, due to his attending a class teaching him how to manage estate for the ultra-rich, and we met up around 80th and 3rd, then walked a few blocks down to 75th and 2nd for dinner.

Sultans was not actually the restaurant we were looking for, but I would say we were lucky to have found it. We sat down in the back, where I started to complain about Turkish beer (when I was in Turkey the only beer I could get, even the native Efes Pilsen, was consistently terrible) and then immediately ordered a beer when the waiter came over. We also ordered a large salad plate and a number of cigar shaped appetizers.

While we waited for the food we chatted about how things had been going, I talked about the paper I am working on getting accepted and Adam talked about the right way to manage private planes, set tables properly and how to handle dealing with your ultra-rich employers ethically. I have to say, Adams' new job prospects sound a lot like a reality show based on Dirty, Sexy Money.

As I remembered, the beer was not great, but salad platter was amazing in both size and taste, with 6 or 7 different salads like fresh hummus and tzatziki, as well as a bean salad in the center. It came with baskets of fresh, thick flatbreads, and when combined with my phyllo-lamb cigar shaped things, it was delicious. I particularly liked the two different eggplant salads, and Adam could not get enough of the hummus. Overall dinner was great, the food was excellent, the service was pretty good and the price was quite cheap. The next time I am feeling turkish, I am definitely heading back to Sultans.

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