Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sledding !!!

So, today around 11 am, I got a message from Aviva say simply, "We are not going to the gym tonight, but get home around 6 and don't ask questions." So I got home at 5:57, Aviva got home a little after 6, and then she said we had to change into warm, outdoor clothes. Wearing sweat pants and long underwear we trundled out the door into her car, and drove about 20 miles north up the Hutch, getting off around Harrison, just north of White Plains. We drove around for about 10 minutes, and Aviva kept saying, "I am sure its around here somewhere." Eventually she found it, an empty parking lot, next to a closed restaurant. A bit curious, I stepped out of the car, and Aviva went around to the back and pulled out a big red two-person sled and announced, "We are going sledding!"

It was an awesome, awesome surprise. I loved it. For those of you who grew up with snow, this is not all that exciting, but I had never been sledding before so it was great. There is a public golf course next to the restaurant and we spent the next hour running around like little kids in the snow, sledding down hills, wiping out, narrowly avoiding trees and generally having a ball. Towards the end of the hour or so we were out, I futilely tried to take some photos, but they did not come out well as you can see ... that is in fact me in the blue jacket. So I gave up on the photography (could feel my fingers anyway) and spent the last 20 minutes barreling down the mini-slopes head first or with no hands or both, dodging benches and trees and trying to get air off a snow covered sand trap. Eventually the temperature got the best of us, it was around 19°F outside after all, and we got back in the car and headed home, wet and cold but giggly and utterly satisfied.

Directions: To get to the golf course where we went sledding, drive north on Hutchinson River parkway to exit 25, turn left at the light onto North Street and pull off into Maplemoor Country Golf Course about 200 meters past the freeway overpass on the north side of the street.

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Too friggin' cute.
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