Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Baby Birthday

So to say I have been busy the last few weeks is kind of an understatement, but things have thus far turned out pretty well. With a lot of the deadlines behind me by Friday night, Aviva and I planned to get down to Philly for the weekend for her nephews 2nd birthday. Also, as I was a bit primed to celebrate Friday night, it was fonrtunate that one of our friends in law school was on spring break and had conveniently organized a get together at BB&R on the Upper East Side. So Aviva and I got down to the bar by around 8 and spent around 3.5 hours eating wings, drinking beers and generally enjoying good company.

We woke up mid-morning the next day, I went to work for a bit and then we headed down to Cherry Hill, arriving around 130 in the afternoon. We worked for a while then went over to Aviva's grandmother Charlotte's place, and hung out with Charlotte and Aviva's aunt Irene for a few hours before Rachel, Larry, Marley and Dylan showed up to celebrate Dylans 2nd birthday. Dylan ran around the house like a crazy person, jumping on me and Marley, hugging everyone and doing yoga with Irene. We ate an excellent salad and really solid spagghetti and meatballs, which I got to feed to Dylan. Never having fed a child an entire meal before it was a new experience, and despite the redirection of a considerable amount of pasta onto the table and floor, it was a lot of fun. After dinner, cake, fruit and Dylans presents, we went home and did some more work and hit the hay.

The next day we got up and headed over to Rachel and Larry's place in Philly for pancakes, then Rachel, Aviva, Marley, Dylan and myself went for a hike in near the Wissahickon Creek in Northeast Philly. We have hiked in this area before, and had a party for Larry's 40th around there last summer, but everytime we go out there we seem to go to a new part of it. The hike was brief but great, the highlight maybe being watching Dylan and Marley roll around in a giant pit full of leaves. After the hike and a quick lunch back at the house, Aviva and I headed home by way of Fairway, pooped but happy after a nice, quick weekend away.

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Carlo said...

HEY - I spy a white power adapter for a MacBook in the background of the last photo :))
Good to see someone is taking good care of their Mac and keeping it juiced.