Sunday, March 08, 2009

A normal? Sunday

So today I had what many people would call a normal sunday, I woke up a bit late (later actually because we lost an hour to daylight savings time), lounged around and talked to some friends. Then ate some lunch, ran an errand (which was actually going to work for a bit, but that isn't so normal so I am calling it an errand), then drove down to Brooklyn to meet Koffman for a late brunch before seeing the Watchmen. Now, this may seem normal, but for me, this was an incredible luxury. And seeing a movie in a theater, I haven't done that in over a year (although that is because I generally do not think that there is anything worth seeing, but that is the topic for another post). I generally have to work a couple of hours every morning on weekends, and the last few months have been tremendously busy, so I have not been able to do this sort of thing much. I am not complaining, I love my job and what I do, but sometimes having to be at work everyday and always having work you can bring home with you does get to you. So these days are important for my sanity, but unfortunately, rather rare.

So this one was heavily enjoyed. From catching up with friends ... the East Coast-West Coast phone connection is not convenient for keeping in touch, although it is a lot better than the pony express ... to brunch at the Clover Club, to seeing Watchmen, today was great. In particular, those last two stops, lunch and the movie were really wonderful.

One of the great things about NYC is the preponderance of
amazing restaurants, but that really isn't the case in the part of the Bronx I live in. So to wander around Brooklyn, choosing between a number of enticing looking places all right next to each other, that is fantastic. The place we selected, The Clover Club on Smith Street, turned out to be an excellent choice. Both the pork and grits Koffman got and the baked eggs with truffle oil that I had were wonderful, the Scotch selection was nice, and the cute, flirty waitress was a lot of fun. The place itself was a bit dark, with heavy wood paneling, thick doors and a kind of 1930's speakeasy feel, it was great.

And then the purpose of the day, Watchmen. I heard a review saying that this was the best 165 minutes describing the angst of a blue demigod that the reviewer had ever seen, but I will say I thought it was a lot better than that. It was pretty true to the graphic novel (which is a really incredible read if you have never looked at it), and a very smart, well paced and well thought out movie. It had a good deal of politics and philosophy, and also food for the teenaged comic crowd (a scene where the hot super heroine gets laid wearing just her thigh black leather boots comes to mind). Anyway, it was not earth shattering, but it was very good and something I am happy to say I saw in the theater ... it is worth seeing.

Ah, such a great day ...

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Anonymous said...

Dude, Clover Club is around the corner from Carlo and I. I can't believe you didn't call! I expect a phone call the next time you're in our neighborhood. :) Glad you liked Clover Club, one of the many great places around us. Julia