Sunday, March 08, 2009

New York Jews

Simply put .. being Jewish in New York is awesome. You all the Jewish cultural benefits, like knishes, holidays on Rosh Hashanah and Passover, random yiddish in the street and hot Jewish girls everywhere (although that is not really important for me anymore but it was when I moved here). So, all the benefits, but not really many of the constraints, because, like in Israel, there are so many different types of Jews in New York that you can feel comfortable being Jewish any way you want. Any way you want to do Jewish, lots of others want to do Jewish that way too ...

This was brought home to me tonight, when I went to my cousins birthday party at my aunts house on Saturday night. My Aunt Debbie cooks a meal for you (whatever you want to eat) on your birthday, and as she is an amazing cook, it is always fabulous. As we all sat down to dinner, nine Jews around a huge pile of mussels and a pork roast, and listened to my cousin talk about how she only likes the traif from the ocean, I thought, I love being Jewish in New York :)

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