Thursday, December 17, 2009

Elliptical Love

Back issues but love to run? Want to exercise in the icy weather? Have rodent envy? No problem ... love the elliptical!!!

So one of the best things about where we live now is that we are about 5 minutes, door to door, from the New York Sports club in Hartsdale. I have finally been able to get on a semi-regular schedule and have gone and used the elliptical trainer each night for the last two days. I know, its like being a hamster, particularly because in this gym they are by the window and people walking by stare at you ... but at least when you are done you feel like a very fit hamster. Its not a big gym, and unfortunately it does not have a pool (I do miss the pool in the Bronx) but I can go easily and quickly. And since I now have a commute to work, about half an hour to an hour a day depending on the vagaries of the train, the bus or traffic, being able to work-out quickly is huge for me.

Its definitely been a struggle to integrate our lives, and sometimes I am not sure what is tougher, integrating our lives or adjusting to the new house, both are serious work. But its been great, and its getting better every day ...

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