Friday, January 29, 2010

Obama's the Man

So the State of the Union was great, and it reminded a lot of us why we like Obama, that he is a powerful and persuasive speaker and has a distinctly post-partisan viewpoint ... at least that is what his ideal viewpoint is. And I know a speech is just a speech, and actions really need to be taken to either restore faith in Obama or to show people who don't believe in his vision that he is the real thing. Still, it was an impressive speech and well worth watching ... its below.

However, what is even more impressive is Obama's time at the House GOP meeting this afternoon. It was awesome to watch Obama interact with the house GOP members and to see him articulately and frankly address both the political and policy aspects of Republican questions in a brilliant way. Sometimes we forget that our president is a really smart guy ... If you have the time, the video of this meeting is well worth watching, particularly the Q & A, which starts about halfway in. You can find the video here if you want to watch it ... do take a look, its awesome.

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