Tuesday, May 18, 2010


So I want to thank everyone who donated to the 2010 NYC AIDS walk on my behalf, we raised almost 1400$ on behalf of the GMHC and a bunch of other AIDS groups in the area. The walk itself was fantastic, although I was unfortunately quite hung over to to an ill-fated bout with far too much Captain Lawrence Liquid Gold the previous afternoon (I spent much of the evening sleeping on the bathroom floor ... not good). Still, it was a beautiful morning and a fabulous walk, up through central park, across 110th and down Riverside Drive until turning back in the park at 86th street. They had completely fixed the congestion problems of previous years and the walk was smooth, easy and very enjoyable.

It was really amazing to see so many people out in force to support AIDS work, and extremely heartening to see the cross-section of society (almost every type of person I could think of was there) who are aware and active in support of defeating the problems of AIDS.

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