Monday, July 12, 2010

Taaa-daah!!!! Kitchen

So the kitchen is finished, and it is fabulous. When we cook in it, we feel like master chefs, its kind of amazing. It is, as it should be, the absolute focus of our home - we talk while we cook, sitting at the counter while we watch the other chop, saute and generate fantastic food.

I could go on and on, talking about the incredible fridge and how much space it has or how easy it makes it to put things away. The stove, with its power and precision burners, and how easy it makes it to make up the pan-fried noodles that we love (it is especially enjoyable to saute in a pan that is level ... compared with our last stove). The counters, and how we can both work on preparing separate dishes and still have room for people to sit at the bar, how we sit at the bar every morning for breakfast. Or the new bar cabinet, and the gorgeous way that it displays my scotch collection .. or the hanging copper pots shining beautifully by the side door.

We love it, it is so fabulous. I am so excited to get home each day just to see and work in the kitchen. But enough with the superlatives, you can judge for yourself by the pictures.

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