Saturday, July 17, 2010

The weather right now

Its hot. And it has been hot for like 2 weeks. It is so hot that when I get home, it takes more than 10 minutes to break a full sweat, I say it feels pleasant. Ridiculous.

I could say it is like Africa hot, but I have not spent enough time in Africa to know if the whole continent is this miserable. I could, with accuracy, say Thailand hot. But whatever, it is too hot ... I looked at the forecast for the next month, and there is not a day below 88°F with high humidity ... WTF ... I mean, for three months out of the year the place is abhorrent, so hot and humid that walking outside is like putting on a thick, body-sized wool scarf. When we came home from the finger lakes, it was 106°F here in the afternoon. That meant it was 15°F cooler, 91°F, when we left Seneca lake ... 91°F should never be 15°F cooler than anywhere. 91°F is definitely a 15°F warmer number ...

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