Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Rosh ... 2010

This year Rosh Hashanah really felt like the beginning of something new, because Aviva had begun her new job, a fantastic internship at a nearby VA, just a week before, and we had been having a bit of trouble adjusting. I had spent so much time adjusting my priorities at work so that I could be home and spend time with Aviva that when she started not having as much time at home (especially since she also has a part-time job after work), I didn't really know what to do with myself.

Another big difference was that this year, the reason we could not leave early for Rosh Hashanah in Cherry Hill was Aviva's job, not mine. I think it is only the first or second time in our 4 years together that her job has been more restrictive than mine. So I left work early, got in a swim, picked up Ilana at the train station and the we waited for Aviva and left Hartsdale around 5:15 pm. And traffic was a big problem, we got to Cherry Hill around 8:45 pm, about an hour and half longer than expected.

Still, despite the differences, the holiday was standard; which essentially means excellent food, wonderful company and a generally joyous occasion, along with a lot of blissful down time. In addition to Ilana, Rachel and Larry brought Larry's mother for the whole of the holiday, which was great as I had never gotten to meet her before. Tanyas brisket was wonderful, as usual, much slivovitz was drunk and much laughter was had. Thursday was pretty relaxed, I walked with Larry, the girls walked in the afternoon, we ate lots of fruit and helped make dinner .. which was delicious again. The second night was much like the first, Josh and Debbie and Samara showed up and the food was turkey and stuffing instead of brisket and chicken. I love the stuffing, so much so that now Tanya makes two batches of stuffing :)

Friday was another relaxed day, we got up in the morning and met with Carol, then came back to the house and hung out with the family during the afternoon. Koffman showed up Friday night, better late than never, and dinner was leftovers and scotch, coupled with some of Bucky's fantastic wines .. he was thinking that it was about time to drink them, and what better people to drink them with. The first of these was a '95 Opus One, and the second was a '98 Silver Oak from Alexander Valley. Both were excellent, although the '95 Opus One was a bit off, slightly tinny but very complex. The '98 was extremely juicy, delicious. For desert we walked over to the Rappaports, where, for the second time in 2 days, I explained to Gal and Roni that men are idiots, that until they get into their 20's, our sex is not to be taken fully seriously. We also ate Nitsa's wonderful strudel and played with their dog.


Saturday was services and dropping Koffman and Ilana off at separate mass transits, followed by a trip to the park with the kids (see the surrounding pix up left and down right), followed by pizza and a night out at National Mechanic in downtown Philly for Rachel and Larry's anniversary .. which they very nicely chose to share with us and Josh & Debbie. And Sunday was a late morning, we missed Yoga, which turned out to be good, and then stopped by Wegmans for groceries on the way home. The end of our weekend, Sunday afternoon, was a wonderfully relaxed afternoon full of cooking, reading and snuggling.

A truly wonderful and relaxing start to the year ...

PS - I just read over this, and it is pretty boring, I mean, not a lot happened ... but with the new jobs and the traveling and all of the stress, I honestly can't think of a better & more relaxing way to have started our new year.

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