Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Ultimate Travel Clothes?

Scottevest .... never heard of it before my recent evening in Sacramento, when a friend was telling me about some guy named Rolf who is traveling for six weeks with no luggage. Idea seems a bit nuts, but awesome at the same time (here is the site for that trip). The clothes he is using are primarily from a company called Scottevest. I love to travel, so I have definitely spent a lot of time looking at travel clothing, but these clothes are in a class by themselves. The jackets have 26 pockets, some big enough to hold an iPad - check out the picture on the right. The pants have 16 pockets. The shirts have 3-5 pockets. Even the hat has 2 pockets. Crazy.

I gotta get some of the these things ... shorts with 11 pockets seem like a dream :)


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Wokn said...

Actually, I got some of the moisture wicking multi-pocket shirts for my birthday this year and while they are not as great as I thought they would be (the personal wire network is a bit tough to use), they are cool. I bet the more multi-pocketed garments are pretty good, depending on the durability ... that seems to be the common complaint.