Sunday, November 27, 2011

Slow return to blogging ... and lab mice

So getting back into blogging has been slower than I had wanted it to be, as things are still hectic at work (I wonder if they will ever settle down, doesn't seem that way right now ...) and we had thanksgiving last weekend - which was quieter than normal as my brother & sister in law from Boston did not make it down due to an impending pregnancy - a wedding this weekend and are busy the following weekend as well, have christmas plans and may be in Boston over New Years for the bris of my brother & sister in laws new baby. Life sometimes seems to be an endless series of vignettes in which I play various versions of myself at different times ... I wish I had more time to stop and watch all these little plays I am putting on.

Essentially, I am busy because I have a full life ... and I am really grateful for it.

Anyway, I am hoping that I will have a chance to blog about more soon, to share some of the most recent photos I took and to just gab a little more. I did head over to Europe in September and have not even had time to talk about that, so maybe that should come next. But for now I would share a remarkable piece of writing I was reading last week about the development of laboratory mice and the use of them in todays scientific community. Not that I agree with everything that is said in the article, but it is an interesting and provocative read and if you have time and any interest in the way scientific research happens in the US today, it is worth a look (if the link above does not work, here is the web address (

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