Monday, January 02, 2012

New Year, Old Blog

So, its 2012 ... and already the blogging thing is going badly, as I just erased the post I was trying to write. So anyway, as I was saying, I know I have been quite delinquent in the writing of this post in the last few months, something I have resolve to remedy in this new year ... not that anyone probably noticed, I mean, I am not sure how many people actually look at this blog, but for those who (still) do, I am sorry and I will do better.

Not setting the bar too high though, work has become too crazy for that - but once a week I should be able to bring you some new and interesting news about our lives.

As to the past few months, its just been madness. Since July I have done quite a lot of work, and have become very good at working while traveling, as we have been out of town for 5 weddings, an anniversary, a bris (above right), a trip to Europe (on top), Thanksgiving and Rosh Hashanah. Not to mention hiking in Vermont with my Dad (left, awesome series of hikes through Jamaica State park along the rail trail), hiking in the Catskills around North-South Lake (Ashley Falls is below, right) for a friends birthday, attending a conference in Maryland and giving a seminar at NIDA.

And that's just what happened when we left town, because while we were here we have had a number of friends come to stay, spent the weekend with my family for Chrismakkuh (ahh, latkes and ham, sacrelicious), saw a friend perform in the New York Oratorio society's wonderful rendition of Handels' Messiah in Carnegie Hall and went hiking in massive snowdrifts in October, and of course ate at some wonderful restaurants ... we are definitely live to eat people. Of the restaurants, I would say that Saul in Brooklyn and Eastchester Fish Gourmet, both of which we enjoyed with my aunt and uncle, were the best ... although we also ate with my in-laws at Jean-Georges, which was fabulous but incredibly heavy (too much cream).

So, those are the highlights, but as you can see, we have been busy ... but that is no excuse, or at least not much of one, and this year I will hopefully see you more often. Hope your 2012 started as well as mine, I spent the morning exploring the Hudson river on the Westchester County Riverwalk with Aviva.

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