Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A failure to communicate

So what you have been watching over the last two months, if you watch my blog at all, is a failure to communicate. I have just not been hacking it as a blogger. I was doing okay in January and February, since then I have fallen apart.

Perhaps the failed snowshoing (which you did not really hear about because I never finished the post) did me in, but really I think it was work. I work a lot, perhaps too much, but I love it and it is something that I know is a good thing to do. Plus, to do well in science, you need to work.

So I work, but it leaves me not wanting to write more when I return home, since I have often spent much of the day writing ... but I am trying. I have a couple of half written posts from the last few months to clean up, and from then on my blog will be picture heavy, word-lite and hopefully I will get it out a little more often ....

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